Keeping Ranch Clothes Clean

I’ve always had animals, even when I lived in town. But the amount of dirt and other ‘stuff’ on our clothes now that we’re at the ranch full time is amazing. We do a lot of laundry because most of what we wear can only be worn once between washings due to various types of animal hair, poo, and other grimy goo.

I was about to buy another bottle of expensive liquid laundry detergent at a big box store when I decided it was going to be the last time I bought commercial detergent. Our clothes were in horrible shape from all the additives and fillers, my skin was a disaster from allergic reactions, and the price!

So I went home and researched liquid laundry detergent recipes on-line. I found one I love. There is no added fragrance so my skin is HAPPY, the price is like nothing, no fillers so I use 1/8 cup per load, and it’s easy to make.

I’ve been making the liquid soap for a few years and I’ve never been happier. I recently started bottling it for sale. Wilma’s BadAss Washhouse Laundry Soap was born last year and sold at a local boutique.


I also have PureSimple Liquid Laundry Soap, which is the same recipe and product but packaging that’s very plain and simple.

I sell both liquid laundry soaps at a local boutique and on-line. An 8 OZ. bottle is good for 8 loads in a front loader, 4 loads in a top loader. Most people aren’t convinced it’s enough soap for an entire load of dirty clothes but we’ve probably got the dirtiest clothes imaginable and have never had an issue with our clothes not being clean enough.

And that’s no crap!

Cinnamon Castile Soap

I make my own Castile Soap at the ranch. We use it almost exclusively. The only exceptions are soaps that are gifted to us.
I also sell it at a local boutique and on-line. A bar of Castile Soap that would cost $7 or more in a boutique only costs $4 @ Nana’s Ranch.
Nana’s Ranch Castile Soap is available in; plain, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and catnip.
There are no added fragrances.
These soaps are great for sensitive skin, recommended by dermatologists, and last a long time. Email for a list of available soaps / prices.

I’m having a lot of trouble with my wordpress blog today so I can’t post a picture of the soaps. I will email a JPG to interested shoppers.

Thank you for understanding!